Ella Midura '25

Yeh College

Hometown: Wellesley, MA

Health Professional Area of Interest: Medicine

Relevant prehealth experience: Clinical shadowing experience in both hospital and office settings, research experience volunteering at MGH, member of the Compassionate Medicine Fellowship at Princeton. 

What topics can students ask you about? You can ask me about choosing classes/major, finding clinical/research experience, studying/time management tips, or anything else! 

What advice would you give to a first- or second-year prehealth student athlete? Take advantage of the resources available to you at Princeton and be confident in yourself and your abilities as you embark upon the pre-med track! Although asking for/receiving help may push you out of your comfort zone, there are many resources you can lean on for support as you work to balance both your academic and athletic endeavors. You are surrounded by professors, McGraw tutors, TAs, HPA advisors, classmates, and teammates who wish to see you succeed and are willing to provide guidance as you navigate the pre-med track. Although certain STEM classes may feel intimidating at times, working through problem sets at McGraw, participating in group study sessions with your peers before tests, or seeking extra help understanding specific material from your professors/TAs can facilitate your learning and set you up for success!

Summer 2023 planned activities: This summer I will be volunteering at MGH (Dermatology: Community Health) for Project Phoenix, a pro bono tattoo removal program dedicated to providing care to human trafficking survivors. I will be participating in research and clinical shadowing. I will also be involved in Princeton’s Compassionate Medicine Fellowship. 

Last book read for fun: Cutting for Stone, by Abraham Verghese

Favorite food: Sushi.

Favorite way to relieve stress: Spending time with my family/friends.