Bri Christophers '17

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Hi my name is Briana (Bri) Christophers and I am a senior in the Department of Molecular Biology. On campus I am very involved with Princeton Latinos y Amigos (the pan-Latinx undergraduate organization), the American Sign Language club, the Scholars Institute Fellows Program for First-Gen/Low-income students, and Project Welcome Mat: A Guide for First-Gen Princeton Students. I am a proud 1.5-gen American and college student from Miami, Florida and consider myself to be an advocate for Latinx/first-gen students. I plan on pursuing an MD/Ph.D. track post-graduation. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to learn more about the research opportunities at Princeton: I have really enjoyed the past 1.5 years in the Burdine lab, where I am studying heart development in zebrafish as a model for human congenital heart defects.